Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Crazy Beta is a distinguished brand and never share its customers any sorts of information with the third party.
How Crazy Beta Uses Your Personal Information:

·         To answer your concerns, inquiries or address your requests
·         To keep you sending information about the latest products, offers and essential information
·         To let you know about the latest changes in websites policy and term & Condition. 
·         To collect your personal reviews about the product
Crazy Beta deeply understands the value of your personal information and that is why following the assiduous strategy to make you feel safe and secure while doing shopping or filling your information. There is a great team of experienced and physical, administrative and technical safeguards designed to keep a close eye over information to keep them safe and protected. Finding any sorts of breach of your personal information, we let you know immediately.
Important Disclaimer
Though we are dedicated to impart you best security buy you also need to be a bit careful while sharing personal information. Do not share any sorts of your personal information to the third taking you in trust to be associated to the company. Crazy Beta does not take responsibility of your own negligence or wilful misconduct.




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